Renault Megane Estate: lifting the roadblock

Context & challenge
With a 30-year track record, the Megane has proved to be one of Renault’s most prolific family cars. Over the last decade, our engineers have worked for the Renault Group, proud to become a trusted partner on their major projects worldwide. For example, we have assisted in the design, development and validation of vehicle IT modules for on-board computers, architecture assembly systems, electric systems and cable routing, as well as chassis parts and components.

When the Group wanted to complete the Megane range by adapting the standard model to an estate (station wagon), they lacked the internal expertise and processes for the design and industrialisation of this new vehicle. We were ready to help.

Solution & outcomes

Our main asset was our ability to provide project management and customer support for over 60 engineers, and supplier management for lean engineering.

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