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Smart meters are the key to going net zero by 2050

According to a landmark UN report compiled by the world’s top scientists, the climate crisis is damaging the ability of the land to sustain humanity, with cascading risks becoming increasingly severe as global temperatures rise, writes Expleo’s Rachel Eyres. In response to...

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Expleo launches Smart Meter testing service for Retail Energy Sector

Expleo, the technology partner for innovative companies, is today announcing the launch of Smart Services, a new testing service for smart meter systems.   The retail energy sector is gearing up to meet the government target of every home having...

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Smart grid flexibility without severe disruption

Rachel Eyres and Ed Charlish explain the challenge facing Distribution Network Operators as they transform into Distribution System Operators. The UK’s 2050 net-zero targets could depend on them getting it right.   We all know who our energy suppliers are, but the...

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